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Dear sir,


I have completely undergone the training module developed by you. It took me lot of time to under go each session for my study and it is my observation that you  have covered each topic in very easy way to understand by any level of worker working in an organization. It is evident that  understanding each topic is very important  as the participant has to  answer the questions given at the end of each topic and also after completion of question/answer session only next topic gets opened. This is a very good system you have adopted for better understanding by the participant to continue the course and for completion of course.

Many of the topics covered are very much useful for the employees of our organization.

The topics are explained in simple live examples including Traffic safety which is really live and excellent for understanding the importance of driving vehicles.

Similarly industrial safety starts with safety at home and day to day practical examples makes any one to understand the importance and safety precautions to be followed during each activity of operations/project/maintenance.

The training module/course covered all aspects we encounter in day to day operations/maintenance/project execution.

The material/topics/subjects you have provided/covered are EXCELLENT and very useful for all. No subject is over written or under written and covered/explained to the extent of requirement ONLY. Hence there is no need for any edition/addition/deletion of material covered under each section.

I recommend that each employee working in an industry including petroleum industry/refinery/terminals/depots should undergo this basic safety training for his own safety as well as for the safety of his organization and his Co-workers.

My sincere thanks for giving me the opportunity to under go the training module & providing me certificate. I have communicated to our Sr.Manager Fire & Safety to go through the training modules. His feed back on the training session will be communicated  to you.

With thanks & regards,

B.Ramesh kumar
DGM-Marketing Operations
e-mail : rkbodigadda@mrplindia.com

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