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Welcome to LTS Global !

LTS GLOBAL offers Training and Consultancy Services to Students, Businesses and Projects in Integrity Management - in the field of Safety, Health, Environment, Security and Quality (SHES-Q) besides Project Engineering Management systems.

We provide support in development and deployment of Management systems in the above areas to the in-house Managers who will be creating the systems under our guidance and support. This is wholly in line with the unalloyed truth that systems on SHES-Q are LINE responsibilities of the Organisation, that cannot be delegated

LTS GLOBAL conducts THIRD PARTY SAFETY AUDITS in Process, Construction, & other Industries.

Training at LTS Global

At LTS GLOBAL, we train you to be a Real World Manager. By supplementing your Engineering / Science / B-School knowledge with an ATTITUDE relating to Safety that will keep in good stead at all stages of your career - be it the stage of Recruitment, Job Performance, or Delivering on onerous responsibilities with elan and aplomb. And a CONFIDENCE LEVEL that will prompt you to ask the right questions and obtain the right SHES-Q answers BEFORE commencing any task.

Training is predominantly through modules delivered electronically ON-LINE / OFF-LINE with easy access to support from the expert course developers.

This mode of training delivery makes it highly economical and affordable to you when compared to contact based delivery systems.

Courses Offered

  • SHES-Q Management Training

    SHES-Q Management Training

    This Module will familiarize the participants in crucial concepts of SHES-Q Management, including Risk Management...More

  • SHES-Q Leadership Training

    SHES-Q Leadership Training

    This Module will bring into sharp focus, the Leaderhip qualities to be inculcated, and demonstrated by the Organisational Leaders...More

  • SHES-Q Audits

    SHES-Q Audits

    LTS Global offers services to conduct (1) Surveillance Audits (2) Special Audits (3) Conformity Audits in your Organisation. The Audits are carried out by highly...More

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