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LTS GLOBAL Client list

  1. Auro Mira Bio Energy Limited, Chennai
  2. Students of BITS Pilani
  3. Harmony Residences Pvt Ltd, Chennai
  4. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL)

Courses Offered

  • SHES-Q Management Training

    This Module will familiarize the participants in crucial concepts of SHES-Q Management, including Risk Management...More

  • SHES-Q Leadership Training

    This Module will bring into sharp focus, the Leaderhip qualities to be inculcated, and demonstrated by the Organisational Leaders...More

  • SHES-Q Audits

    LTS Global offers services to conduct (1) Surveillance Audits (2) Special Audits (3) Conformity Audits in your Organisation. The Audits are carried out by highly...More

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