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SHES-Q Leadership Training

In a global organization, a primary measure of success of a project is the manner in which the SHES-Q of every stakeholder is ensured. A project completed on schedule within a budget is still considered a colossal failure if even one human life is lost, a limb is broken, or an asset damaged during the course of the project.

In order to have a successful SHES-Q program in an Organisation, it is imperative that every employee is made to understand that she is a stake-holder. For the Senior Manager, it is not only enough to realise her responsibilities on SHES-Q, but also lead the entire workforce by showing visible Commitment to the SHES-Q policy of the Organisation, and motivating them.

This Module will bring into sharp focus, the Leaderhip qualities to be inculcated, and demonstrated by the Organisational Leaders and Senior Managers for establishing, implementing, maintaining and nurturing a robust, effective, participative, and continually improving SHES-Q culture.

At present, this Module is offered as Classroom Training at the Customer Organisation's premises, and runs for a duration of around 10 hours.

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